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Performance Stair, Stabilization, Strength, PowerSpinDoctors helps develop the right blend of scientifically proven exercise training plans for a variety of clients using the National Academy of Sports Medicine Optimum Performance Training Model.

SpinDoctors helps to determine the appropriate repetitions, sets, training intensities, tempos, volume, rest intervals, training frequency, and correct exercise selection.

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Personal Training

One-on-one personal training sessions are all about and built for your own physiological uniqueness. Scheduling is convenient and flexible, and the program is tailored around you and your goals.

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Nutrition Counseling

Fueling your body is just as important as using your body. Our services provide nutrition counseling that accommodates your everyday lifestyle and workouts.

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Performance Testing

A multitude of diverse tests from functional threshold power testing, ergonomics assessments, cardio respiratory assessment, and many more. The wide range of tests allows for people from all backgrounds to improve themselves whether in your sport or at your work.

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Athletic Coaching programs are a real-time customized coaching solution that takes into account how much time you can dedicate to exercise, what kind of exercise you prefer on a certain day, specificity based on weather, family commitments, deviations from the plan due to sickness, unplanned absence, travel, work etc

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Cycling Skills Clinics

Cycling can be so much more fun when you have the skills to effectively handle your bike and negotiate the road/trail.