To help others age gracefully and build lifelong sustainability pursuing the activities they are passionate about.

Man on rock with bike

Our Mission

To provide personal training and coaching that optimizes your time by removing the obstacles that stand in the way of your fitness goals

Our Core Values

  • Fundamentals, Not Fluff
  • Achieving results through concrete results.
  • Open and honest conversation
  • Training simplicity but ensuring it is challenging and engaging
  • Education
  • Research – Coaching that matters to you and meets your internal drive
  • Relates – Create a shared perspective and rapport for life long results
  • Reframing – Defining the process, evaluating with performance, and tracking outcomes.
  • Keeping it fun
  • Not taking ourselves too seriously.
  • Remembering that sport is our passion.
  • Incorporating training as a positive addition to our lives.
  • Authenticity
  • Helping athletes become consistent.
  • Ensuring clarity
  • Accepting and learning from the losses as much as the wins.

More Information

Spin Doctors is owned and operated by Joe Hamilton who has been a competitive cyclist for the last 15 years. Joe is now a professional coach and personal trainer. To learn more about Joe you can visit the about page or his personal Facebook page.

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