Personal Training

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One-on-one personal training sessions are all about and built for your own physiological uniqueness. Scheduling is convenient and flexible, and the program is tailored around you and your goals.  We can meet at your home or we can choose various locations around our beautiful town.

Personal Training are for those people who are:

  • Working to get to or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Extremely busy professionals who need creative and effective ways to fit exercise in their schedules.
  • Working to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Athletes who know how important it is to strength train during the on and off season and want to get stronger for their sport.
  • Want to learn to exercise safely and effectively.
  • People looking for an accountability partner and who need extra motivation.
  • People who have completed physical therapy and want to build and maintain fitness gains after their treatment.
  • Those who are new to strength training or looking for a program that appropriately adjust workout variables: exercise selection, repetitions, tempo, intensity, training frequency, loads and rest intervals.


    60-minute session:
  • $65

Personal Training at SpinDoctors Performance Studio, Montana City Fitness, Helena YMCA

Online Personal Training - $200.00


  • Consultation - Postural and Par Q Assessment
  • Online Software- with specific exercise videos
  • Phone or Video Correspondence with Coach 1x Per Month
  • Email correspondence with Coach 1 x per week
  • 1x per Month Onsite Strength Session and Workout Guidance
  • 5% monthly paypal fee applies if paying electronically


One on one training packages

Package Type Total Transformation Committed Somewhat Committed
Sessions / Week 3 2 1
Monthly $300 $250 $200
Spin Doctors Performace studio